Krabi's natural wilderness resort, Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort

Night Wildlife Tour – Photo Gallery

These are some recent photos from our Krabi Night Wildlife Tour you can enjoy any night of the week. It’s 2 hours of rainforest exploration – and we always find various species of frogs, geckos, lizards, and other cool animals sometimes like owls, birds sleeping, turtles, snakes, and often – the hard-to-find slow loris!

We have an entire site ( dedicated to our Krabi Reptile, Amphibian, Insect, Mammal, and other Nature Hikes and Tours. If you’re coming to Krabi, you should see the amazing wildlife and nature here.

Krabi Birds Sleeping - Night Wildlife Tour @
We found these adorable little birds sleeping next to each other one night. They were less than 2 meters off the ground. ©

Cryrtodactylus peguensis - Krabi Night Wildlife Tour @
Cryrtodactylus peguensis. ©

Newly Molted Cicada - Krabi Night Wildlife Tour @
Cicada after just molting – they are so magical at this stage! ©

Striped Slender-toed Gecko - Krabi Night Wildlife Tour @
Cyrtodactylus quadrivirgatus I think. The photo in my reptile ID book is very dark, I cannot really tell for sure. ©

Large-spotted Slender-toed Gecko - Krabi Night Wildlife Tour @
The large-spotted slender-toed gecko is one of the coolest looking geckos we have in the area. This one was found on a piece of dead wood overlooking a small puddle of rainwater. Cyrtodactylus peguensis. ©

Banded Slender-toed Gecko - Krabi Night Wildlife Tour @
The banded slender-toed gecko is fairly commonly seen on our Krabi wildlife tour! Cyrtodactylus pulchellus. ©

Slender-toed Gecko - Krabi Night Wildlife Tour @
I think this is Cyrtodactylus quadrivirgatus – the marble slender-toed gecko. Not so sure of that. ©

Rare Green Lizard - Krabi Night Wildlife Tour @
Another green crested lizard – brilliant green and yellow! ©

Kuhl's Gliding Gecko - Krabi Night Wildlife Tour @
Kuhl’s gliding gecko is a great find, and we’ve found a bunch of them on trees at night – though they blend in very well with their camouflage. ©

Yellow Lizard - Krabi Night Wildlife Tour @
Lizards like this sleep on branches during the night – from about 50 cm to 200 cm up off the ground. Easy to find and some of them are quite beautiful. ©

Slow Loris In Situ - Krabi Night Wildlife Tour @
Slow loris finds are fairly common, and we know the trees they tend to be in. This is one of the amazing finds on our tours. ©

Yellow Frog - Krabi Night Wildlife Tour @
One toad I have yet to identify. ©

Juvenile Tokay Gecko Bokeh - Krabi Night Wildlife Tour @
Another close up of a small Tokay gecko found on the Krabi Wildlife Tour! ©

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Juvenile Tokay Gecko - Krabi Night Wildlife Tour @
A recently hatched Tokay gecko. They hatch out of eggs in clutches of 2 stuck to the side of walls. Very cute! ©

Green and Yellow Frog - Krabi Night Wildlife Tour @
Another fairly common frog we see often on the tour. ©

Bright Orange-eyed Frog - Krabi Night Wildlife Tour @
Another of those frogs, showing more orange in the eyes. ©

Green Forest Lizard - Krabi Night Wildlife Tour @
On some nights we can find 5 to 8 of these. Other nights, one if we’re lucky. They usually are high up in the tree canopy, but their ventral side shows well in the light of the flashlight (torch). ©

Orange-eyed Frogs - Krabi Night Wildlife Tour @
There are a couple of places around the hike where we can find these amazing little timid frogs. They don’t hop away when approached – the only frog we’ve ever seen not jump to get away! ©

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